Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 2 Reflections

Today, we did the three parts to our project, tensile strength testing of engineering materials, scanning electric microscope, composite material processing.

For the first project, there was no first project. This is because I was involved in a basketball competition which caused me to miss the first project, and a little of the second project.

For the second project, I also missed most of it. I only came for the last few minutes where my group was already done. However, I felt like I should have helped my group more since they have done everything themselves.

For the third project, we made carbon fibre composites. Firstly, we understood what composites are, which is two or more materials combined together to obtain useful properties. In the project, we had to mix seventy-five percent of epoxy and twenty-five percent of hardener to form a solution which we used to glue certain things together. We glued these things as follows - Plastic sheet, Teflon, Tissue paper, Carbon fibre cloth/Glass fibre cloth, Tissue paper, Teflon, Plastic sheet. From gluing these things together at this certain order, we will receive something hard and light tomorrow, which can be very useful in our lives now. It can be used to make mirrors of cars, materials of cars, to improve their efficiency.

From todays activities, I learnt how different factors of different things affect the properties of certain materials. I also realised how composites when put together will change the properties of that certain material to make it so much more useful. I figured out that I was rather ignorant about my understanding of the discipline. I can apply this in the future, maybe if I take the route of an engineer. I would have a head start on that subject. Lastly, I hope I will have future opportunities like this because I had a rather large intake on my project!

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